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Our Clients

Since 2010, we have enjoyed creating and distributing eBooks for authors and publishers around the world. 

eBook Partnership services include: Scanning, OCR, eBook conversion to mobi/KF8, ePub & fixed layout formats, cover design, distribution to e retailers such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo/WH Smith, Overdrive, Ingram, Waterstones, Gardners, Sony, Google.

‘I can’t tell you how pleased I was to discover eBook Partnership. They were professional, attentive and always accessible to answer questions or offer advice, unlike the equivalent corporate services. They were also able to turn my book around fast when I needed it. I can’t recommend them highly enough.’

Andrew Smith,  journalist and best selling author of  ‘Moondust’  and ‘Totally Wired: on the Trail of the Great Dotcom Swindle’, Sept 2012

Our extensive client list includes established authors, independent authors  and publishers including:

  • Elizabeth Buchan, Andrew Smith, Tahir Shah, Susie Orbach, Guy Bellamy, Janet McLeod Trotter,  Jessica Mann, Alice Peterson, Emma Dally, Kate Figes, Jehanne Wake.
  • Arvon Foundation, Hearst Magazines UK, Badger Publishing, Igloo Books, Liz Earle Quick Guides, Marketing Society, Good Food Guide, Pitch Publishing, Gaelic Books, Stripe Publishing, Bretwalda Books, Breast Cancer Care,
  • eBook sensations: Rachel Abbott, Kerry Wilkinson, Dougie Brimson, Mark Sennen, Torquil MacLeod and Saffina Desforges.

“eBook Partnership has been a pleasure to deal with. Made the whole e-publication process a breeze for a technological ignoramus like me, and all with a personal touch which makes all the difference. I like the ongoing support too, by way of some Jolly Good Advice in my inbox. Have already recommended them to one friend who feels daunted at the prospect of the whole ebook shebang, and would certainly do so to anyone else in the same boat. If that’s not a mixed metaphor.”

Lin Sagovsky, author of How to Fulfil Tight and Demanding Briefs – 101 Ways to Make Ballsups in Business.

“Great service from eBook Partnership

I can highly recommend eBook Partnership – they’re quick, efficient and help is only a phone call or email away.”

Christina Hollis is a bestselling author of romantic fiction including Lady Rascal, Weight of the Crown and The Count’s Prize.

“Excellent e book partnership”

“I’m now on my fifth book with The Partnership and highly recommend them. They are quick, accurate and forbearing of clients’ occasional idiocy. They have done very well by me as the ebooks show – see Telling Only Lies, A Private Inquiry and others.”

Jessica Mann bestselling author of books including Out of Harm’s Way: The Wartime Evacuation of Children from Britain, Fifties Mystique, and many more.

Some more of our clients:

Abraham Rabinovich  :  The Battle for Jerusalem: An unintended conquest that echoes still.

A.K. Luthienne :  The Sacred Quest Trilogy

Alan Forsythe   :   The Loneliest Vampire in NYC    Book Trailer

Alasdair Scott Sutherland  :  The Spaghetti Tree

Amanda Nicol  :  The House of Bread

Anna Hutton North  :  Shop Talk

Andrew De Berry  :  A Candle for Lucifer, Chasing The Serpent

Andrew Gilmore  :  Abrasion

Andrew Gooday   :  Get Well Connected

Andrew Lucas  :  Cross Dressed to Kill

Andrew Smith : Totally Wired: on the Trail of the Great Dotcom Swindle

Andrew Sykes   :  Good Vibrations:  Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie

Angela Sargent   :  In the Presence of God

Armadillo Central   :  Jar of Sticklebacks, David Selzer

Arthur Wootten   : Wise Bear William

Arvon Foundation  :  The Gist

Ashley Sanders   :   Facing Demons

BA Hoffman   :   The 18th Scroll   Book Trailer

Badger Learning   :   Alien Adventure Series, Full Flight Adventure Series

Breast Cancer Care   :   Mummy’s Lump

Carmen Capuano   :  The Owners

Carol J Hyder   :   Living Feng Shui, Conversations with Your Home, Wind and Water

Catherine Howard  :  Self Printed

Christopher A  Meade  :  The Zombie, The Cat, and Barack Obama

Colin Boxall Hunt   :  Mayhem in Mazoe, Twelve Tense Tales

Colin Hudson   :   Time to Run

Conrad Jones   :   The Child Taker

D.A Burt  :  Rage Against the Cuisine

David Evans   :   Sour Grapes, Bitter Taste

David Fraser, Dr   :   Relationship Mastery

David Higginbotham   :   Can you Dig?

David Selzer   :   A Jar of Sticklebacks (Armadillo Central)

David Wailing   :   Fake Kate, Bang

David Wiltshire  :  A Dark Awakening

Delphi Press  :  Delphi Classics

Dominic Kearney  :  Cast-Iron Men

Donna McCallum   :   The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting What You Want

Dora Oronti   :   Beatrice and Benedict

Doug Johnson   :   Ghost Tigers

Dougie Brimson   :  Billy’s Log, Top Dog, The Crew, Geezers Guide to Football, Barmy Army and more….

Duncan Ridler :  The Failed Entrepreneur

Eileen Stafford  :  Whirlwind. Another Life, Another Love

Emma Dally  :  Remembered Dreams, A Sister’s Tale, The Cry of Children

Eric Normand   :   The Nashville Musician’s Survival Guide

Fiona Ingram    :   The Secret of the Sacred Scarab: The Chronicles of the Stone – Book One

FM Parker   :   The Highwayman, Winter Woman, The Assassins, The Searcher, Wife Stealer and more..

Gaelic Books   :   Saorsa

Freda Lightfoot  :   Various

Geoffrey Durham   :   Being a Quaker: A Guide for Beginners

George Sandison   :   Life in the UK Study Guide 2012

Good Food Guide  :  2012/2013 editions

Gordon Gatiss   :   Trapped In Amber

Helen Hunter   :   The Past Was Always Present

Hugh Salmon  :  Do As You Would Be Done By

Ian Daniel   :   E Commerce, Get it Right

Ian Dewar   :    Orphans

Ian Kennedy Martin   :   The Manhattan File, Regan and the Deal of the Century

Icki Iqbal   :   The Tebbit Test

Igloo Books :  I Love you Mummy. I Love you Daddy

India Drummond  :  Caledonia Fae series

Ishvinder Pandher   :   Chandigarh to Paris

Isobel Bradley   :   Smiling in the Darkness

Jack Devon :  To Kill A Stranger

Jack George Edmunson :  The Sun Sharer

Jane Cuff : Bloodmix and It’s For Your Own Good.

Jane Reynolds  :  Just Good Friends?

Janet McLeod Trotter   :  A Child of Jarrow, The Jarrow Lass, Return to Jarrow, Beatles & Chiefs, Never Stand Alone and more…

Jason Bruce   :   Foot in the Door

Jehanne Wake   :   Princess Louise: Queen Victoria’s Unconventional Daughter

Jessica Mann   :   A Private Enquiry, Telling Only Lies

John Bowman   :   Montessori at Home!

John Powell, Dr   :   Caribbean Island  Idyll, Come Play with Me

John Tytler Thomson   :   Drinking the Wind: At the Limits of Endurance

Jonathan Sacks, Lord  Chief Rabbi    :   Letters to the Next Generation

Judith Summers   :  Dear Sister

Julia Jones   :   The Salt Stained Book

Juro Kovacik   :   Liptov, Bratislav

Karen Kingston   :   Clear Your Clutter

Karl Moore   :  18 Rules of Happiness: How to Be Happy,  The Secret Art of Self Development

Kate Figes   :  What About Me?  What About Me Too?

Ken McCoy   :   Good Luck Bad temper

Kerry Wilkinson   :   Locked In, Vigilante, Woman in Black

Kevin J Parr   :   The Time Detective

Lathan Ball   :   Pray Wales

Laurence Bradbury   :   Fatal Flaw

Lee Bennett   :   The Wedding Speech Compendium

Lee Chambers   :   The Pineville Heist     Book Trailer

Margaret M Ford   :   Lament for the Dead, Raynes Summer, The Haunting of Harry Laurel, The List, Shades of Darkness

Mark A Fields   :   The American Dominique, Nankin Bantam

Mark Chester  :  Sex, Drugs and Football Thugs, Naughty

Mark Sennen   :  Touch (DI Charlotte Savage)

Marketing Society  : Marketing Excellence 2,  Hugh Burkitt

Marianne Richards   :   Understanding Mental Illness

Martin Barratt   :   Deny and Occupy

Michael Kelly   :   The Night Watchman, Mothers of the City

Michele Longour  :  Réussir ses premières années de droit, Améliorer son expression écrite, Reussir ses revisions d’examen

Nicola Morgan   :   Mondays are Red

Nicholas Pettas   :   The Blue Eyed Samurai

Neil Robins   :   Memoirs of an Unremarkable Man

Panta Wilson    :   100 Ghetto Rules, Why Do Boys?

Paul A Rice   :   Parallel Trilogy, and Tears in Tropli

Paul Davies   :   Letterbox      Book Trailer

Paul Durkin and Neil Davis :  Memories of the Blue Door

Peter Elliott  :  Dancing With Scorpions

Peter Mascall   :   Senso Unico

Phil Gable   :  The Rising

Phillip Harris   :   To be a Neurosurgeon: a Memoir

Pia Bertone-Gross   :   That Guy

Pitch Publishing   :   Can’t Swim, Can’t Run, Can’t Ride – Andy Holgate,  When Freddie Became Jesus – Jarrod Kimber,  No Smoke No Fire – Dave Jones and many more..

Quaker Books   :  Pushing at the Frontiers of Change, David Blamires

Ralph Quinlan Forde   :   Nutriwine

Richard Percy   :  The  Einstein Generator

Richard Rockstro   :   Awaits

Richard Saverino   :  Amazing Numbers Revealed

Richard Villar   :   Knife Edge

Rinerd Simpson   :   Loveguppies

Robbie Brightwell   :   Robbie Brightwell and His Golden Girl

Robert J Carr   :   British India 1900-47

Robin Alexander   :   A Winter’s Day: Bingo Bango Part Two

Roger Collis   :   Food and the Single Man: recipes for survival and seduction

Saffina Desforges   :    Sugar and Spice, Snow White

Salim Boss   :   They are Either Smart or Extremely Ignorant

Samuel Richards   :   The White Haired Gentleman

Scott Durkin   :   Santa’s Keys

Scott Ward   :   The Courier

Sean McDaniel    :  The Criminal Zoo

Sitepoint   :   Premier online media company, particularly for web professionals

Speechbubble Books   :   The Biting Point,  Catherine Smith. Leading the Dance,  Sarah Salway

Stephen Warcop   :   The Gospel Truth

Steve Apfel   :   Hadrian’s Echo

Sue Glader   :  Nowhere Hair    Book Trailer

Susie Orbach  :  Understanding Women, What Do Women Want, Between Women

Timothy Finn   :   Knapworth at War,  Knapworth Fights On, Three Men (not) In a Boat: and most of the time without a dog

T.D.  Banna   :    Ford Avenue Legends

Tony Wild   :   Coffee: A Dark History

Tonya Ferguson   :   To Remember Love: two promises that led me to the notes in the ashes

Touchline Publishing : Bob Marley: Visual Music by David Brooks

Unlocked Guides   :   London Unlocked – The Guide Book for Kids

Vadim N Matveev   :   An Entertaining Simulation of the Special Theory of Relativity using methods of classical Physics

Walter Dirks  :  Salt of the Earth: Different People – Same Spirit

William Pryor   :   The Survival of the Coolest

William Spencer   :   The Way of Vengeance