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eBook Distribution Service

Global eBook Distribution Service for writers and publishers with 0% Commission on royalties.

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 The eBook Partnership eBook distribution service offers one of the most comprehensive worldwide eBook retailer networks available. We work with over 60 retailers and more than 14,000 libraries around the world. We charge ZERO COMMISSION on your royalties.

  • We pay 100% of royalties (received from the retailers) to you.
  • Our Distribution network is excellent, reaching more eBook retailers than most of our competitors.
  • You can monitor sales and royalties in one easy to use admin system with great reporting options.
  • We pay clients once per month (direct into bank account, PayPal or cheque).
  • See more information about retailer royalty rates here.
  • See what our clients say about us here.

Resources and information to help you to promote your eBook

All of our clients receive up to date information on the most effective ways to increase eBook sales.

Our eBook distribution network includes the following channels:

  • Amazon – 246 territories worldwide - see more information here
  • Apple  – 51 stores worldwide
  • Barnes & Noble – includes NOOK UK
  • Gardners – incl Baker and Taylor, txtr
  • Google Play
  • Ingram
  • Kobo – including Buy.com Canada, Powells in the USA
  • OverDrive – 24,000 retailers and libraries including BooksaMillion, Waterstones and many others
  • Waterstones
  • eSentral  – Malaysia’s biggest eBookstore
  • Bookmate – an eBook subscription service and market leader in Russia and the CIS and now expanding to new territories with titles in the following languages: English (non US & UK territory), Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese with others to follow.
  • Magzter – an app-based magazine and eBook retailer with 18 million users globally, Magzter continues to grow by approximately 500,000 new users every month, and has 4 million users in the US, 2 million in the UK, and over 5 million in India and Asia.
  • Scribd – a subscription service with 40 million books and written works, 80M monthly readers, content in over 80 languages and users in over 100 countries
  • Upload to Goodreads included if required. See more about the Goodreads Author Program here

eBook Distribution tailored to your needs

Straightforward pricing:

  • For 1-4 titles submitted we charge a set-up fee of $99/£75 per title and an annual fee (from the beginning of the second year) of $40/£29 per title. If you are planning to distribute more than one title in the future, you can save up to 50% by purchasing a block of 5 Distribution Credits for just $199/£149.
  • If you have 5 or more titles there is no set up fee, you simply pay our publisher rate which is $40/£29 per title per year from the outset.
  • If you have 50 or more titles, please email matt@ebookpartnership.com to discuss volume pricing.

No exclusivity – You can specify which channels you would like us to distribute your eBook to. So if you manage your own Amazon account or on other retailers can use the eBook partnership distribution service to widen your eBook distribution opportunities.

No tie-in – There is no minimum term commitment and you can request that your eBooks are removed from our distribution channels whenever you wish – at no charge.

Zero commission – Unlike many other eBook distribution services, we do not charge any commission on the royalties that your eBook titles generate. You will receive 100% of the royalties generated through our eBook distribution channels.

Monthly payments – Once we have collected payment for your sales from our retailers, we like to pass your money on to you every month. Assuming the royalty payment due to you exceeds $30/£20 we will pay you via your chosen payment method (bank transfer and PayPal are the most common methods).

Geographic targeting – We can upload eBook retailers which will give you a worldwide reach, but most of our eBook distribution channels do offer the option to restrict availability to specific geographic regions.  If you only have the rights to distribute your eBook titles in North America and the UK for example, we can specify that these are the only regions your titles will appear on sale.

Online Sales and Royalty reports – You can keep track of your eBook sales and royalties through our online reporting system (which we call ED). ED collates all the latest sales data and royalty reports that we receive from our distribution partners. You can generate reports and graphs showing how many eBooks have been sold, the retailers generating most sales, and the royalties amount due to you.

eBook Distribution – what we need

To distribute your eBook titles via our distribution channels we will need the following:

  • eBook file(s) that will pass validation on the retailer systems. See How to Check your ePub file below.
  • A cover image in the correct format (see cover spec on this page).
  • Metadata including ISBN for non-Amazon retailers (we will supply a form for you to submit this information).

Acceptable eBook formats

We can distribute the following eBook formats:

  • Mobi/PRC (Amazon only)
  • ePUB
  • Fixed-layout ePUB 3
  • Fixed-layout KF8 (Amazon only)
  • PagePerfect (B&N only)
  • iBooks Author (Apple only)

We do not distribute PDF or Word files, although we can convert these to the formats listed above. See our eBook Conversion Services page for more details.

How to check that your ePUB file is ready for distribution

We only distribute ePUB files that pass the International Digital Publishing Forum’s EpubCheck validation check – http://validator.idpf.org. If your ePUB files fails the validation test and you do not know how to fix the errors, we offer an ePUB error fixing service. Files that do not pass the validation will be automatically rejected by a number of retailers,  who maintain strict criteria in order to satisfy their readers.

In addition to passing EpubCheck, we recommend that you stick to the following guidelines when submitting an ePUB file:

  • All images must be RGB not CMYK.
  • Images must be a maximum of 3.2m pixels – Apple will reject ePUB files that include images larger than this.
  • It is usual to include a cover image within the eBook file.
  • If your ePUB includes a linked Table of Contents, ensure that these links work properly – Apple will reject files that have a incorrectly functioning Tables of Contents
  • Do not include links to specific retailers within the eBook content (unless you are only distributing via one channel). Understandably, retailers do not like to sell eBooks which point customers to competitive websites. Therefore, including links to your books on Amazon may mean that  Apple and other retailers refuse to list your titles.

If you are unsure whether your ePUB file is ready for distribution, please send it to helpdesk@ebookpartnership.com and we will take a look.

Cover file

In addition to including a cover image within your eBook files, you will also need to supply a separate cover image which we will upload to our eBook distribution channels. This cover image is used on your listing page on the retailer websites.

eBook Cover file guidelines

  • You will need to provide your eBook cover in either JPG, PNG or PDF format
  • The file must be RGB rather than CMYK
  • The image should be at least 72dpi and a minimum of 1400 pixels wide
  • eBook covers usually have a width to height ratio of around 1:1.5
  • The cover file should not include a barcode or any price information

If you need a cover design, please take a look at our eBook Cover Design service page.


All retailers and eBook distribution channels require information about your eBook before it can be added to their websites. This information, known as metadata, includes details such as the book title, sub-title, contributors, publisher, ISBN (see below), categories/genre, keywords, price and sales description.

If you use our eBook distribution service we will provide you with a metadata template (a Word doc for single titles or Excel spreadsheet for multiple titles) that you can complete and return. We will provide guidance on how best to fill out the template if you need assistance. When we have your metadata we will upload to each specified distribution channel.

ISBN for eBooks

With the exception of Amazon and Apple, all channels in our distribution network require that your eBook has an ISBN. The ISBN for your eBook must be unique and different from the ISBN used if you have produced a print version of your book.

If you use our eBook Conversion Service as well as our distribution service, we can allocate an ISBN to your eBook without any additional cost if needed. If you are only using our eBook distribution service, and require an ISBN we can allocate one to your title for a one-off charge of $15/£10.

ISBNs allocated by us are registered via the UK ISBN agency, Nielsen, and will be listed under the eBookPartnership.com imprint at Neilsen.  The retailers usually list the publisher as indicated on the metadata form we submit, so eBook Partnership will not appear on the retail websites as publisher unless specified by you.  If you decide to stop using our distribution service, the ISBN will remain with the book. ISBNs that we allocate are non-transferable.

How to sign-up for our eBook Distribution Service

If you have one title, the quickest way to sign-up for our eBook Distribution service is by completing our Sign-up form.

Planning more than one title? Save money with Distribution Credits

If you are planning on publishing two or more titles in the future, you can save money by buying a block of 5 Distribution Credits for just $199/£149. Your credits can be used for adding new titles to our distribution network at any time and will not expire.

Please note that Distribution Credits are non-refundable and can only be used for distribution set-up and not for payment of recurring annual fees. You can purchase a block of 5 Distribution Credits via our eBook Distribution sign-up page.

For more information about our eBook Distribution Service please visit our FAQ.