“Why do you offer 100% royalties?”

Fair question. I have been surprised by the number of people who have asked since we changed our Distribution packages, and introduced commission free eBook distribution for authors. Some have a slightly suspicious tone, and some are downright concerned for us (including the lovely Rachel Abbott … [Read more...]

“What kind of editorial service do I need?”

SH pic

Susanne Hillen is a valued associate of ours, and has worked with several eBook Partnership clients. We asked Susanne to explain some of the editorial services available to authors and publishers. ‘What kind of editorial service do I need?’ Before you publish your book online, you may wish to … [Read more...]

Apple looking for Breakout Books

breakout books

I am often asked how a newly published eBook from an independent author, can get some marketing help from the retailers. This is not an easy question to answer; the retailers all operate in different ways, and it can seem as though traditionally published books are the only titles to be recognised … [Read more...]

Important notes – pricing of eBooks

What is a good list price for your eBook? This is a very frequently asked question, and there is no simple answer. Before you decide, you will need to understand a few basic guidelines: Amazon currently sell more eBooks than any other single retailer, so their royalty options are a good … [Read more...]

Author Lee Chambers talks Twilight and KDP Select results

booboo and the Book

The Pineville Heist started out as an award-winning screenplay by Lee Chambers and Todd Gordon and is also a novel adaptation converted by ebookpartnership.com. The book is now a #1 thriller on Amazon. The Pineville Heist is a fun story about a high school student that witnesses a murder, ends up … [Read more...]

Helen Hunter – The Past Was Always Present


***   Free today from Amazon.com  and Amazon.co.uk  *** Evocative snippets of 1920-1960s Britain and Canada shine through this personal story, as one of the least known dramas of the Second World War is brought to life. Three small children are plucked from their home in Scotland, and placed … [Read more...]

From Master Chef to Mystery and Suspense – David Evans, Self Published Author

Sour Grapes - cover

David Evans is accustomed to hard work, and long hours. Perfect preparation for the life of a self published author! David has written two novels so far, Bitter Taste and Sour Grapes. Tell us about life before your writing career. I apprenticed in Switzerland and held the Executive Chef position … [Read more...]

Amazon KDP Select, will you enrol?


KDP Select is becoming a hot topic for self published authors. The decision to commit your eBook to Amazon on an exclusive basis, can have an effect on both sales, and sales ranking elsewhere, and therefore needs careful consideration. So, here are some basic facts, and links to more information, … [Read more...]

18 months is a long time in the eBook industry…

eBook portfolio

When we started eBook Partnership, we had no idea that, within a few months, we would be working on such a fantastic mix of eBooks, both fiction and non-fiction. Each project is completely different. Sometimes we deal with everything, from scanning an out of print book on behalf of the author, to … [Read more...]

Promote your eBook one fan at a time

The Past Was Always Present by Helen Hunter

There is no easy way to sell eBooks. Whatever you may read about multi thousand downloads, and eBook millionaires, in order to sell eBooks to those outside your family circle, you need to plan carefully and then, crucially, you need to commit to executing that plan with energy and enthusiasm. The … [Read more...]