Our extensive client list includes established authors, independent authors  and publishers including:

  • Elizabeth Buchan, Andrew Smith, Tahir Shah, Susie Orbach, Guy Bellamy, Janet McLeod Trotter,  Jessica Mann, Emma Dally, Kate Figes, Jehanne Wake
  • Arvon Foundation, Hearst Magazines UK, Badger Publishing, Igloo Books, Marketing Society, Good Food Guide, Pitch Publishing, Gaelic Books, Stripe Publishing, Bretwalda Books, Breast Cancer Care
  • eBook sensations: Kerry Wilkinson, Rachel Abbott, Dougie Brimson, Mark Sennen, Torquil MacLeod and Saffina Desforges
Totally Wired by Andrew SmithI can’t tell you how pleased I was to discover eBook Partnership. They were professional, attentive and always accessible to answer questions or offer advice, unlike the equivalent corporate services. They were also able to turn my book around fast when I needed it. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”Andrew Smith – journalist and best selling author of  Moondust  and Totally Wired: on the Trail of the Great Dotcom Swindle

Kemi's Journal by Abidemi SanusiI really cannot recommend eBook Partnership highly enough. They got the book cover right, first time, and were super attentive. Nothing, absolutely nothing was too much trouble. As for the ebook conversion itself, outstanding work. Beautiful, outstanding work.”

Abidemi Sanusi, author of God Has Daughters Too, Kemi’s Journal and Commonwealth Writers’ Prize nominated Eyo.


Murder in Malmo by Torquil MacLeodMy sister recommended the eBook Partnership when I was looking to self-publish; she had used the company for a number of her successful eBooks. I was not disappointed. The service has been friendly, professional, very efficient – and quick. Matt and Diana have worked tirelessly to help me get my books out into the market place. The company name is particularly apt as they work closely with their writers through both the formatting stage and distribution; it does feel like a genuine partnership. And by using eBook Partnership to distribute my eBooks through Amazon, I have avoided the American IRS tax pitfall that has been problematic for many writers who have done it themselves.

What I really appreciate is their ability to react swiftly to any problems. They also keep me constantly informed of developments and pass on useful advice. So, for anybody who wants to venture into the world of ebooks, there is only one place to start – the eBook Partnership.”

Torquil MacLeod, author of the best selling Malmö series: Meet Me in Malmö, Murder in Malmö and Missing in Malmö.

Consider the Lily by Elizabeth BuchanThe eBook Partnership is everything one could wish for.  Professional, fast, reliable and endlessly patient over queries. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Elizabeth Buchan, best selling author of novels include the prizewinning Consider the Lily, Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman, The Good Wife, That Certain Age, The Second Wife and Separate Beds.
Lady Rascal by Christina HollisGreat service from eBook Partnership. I can highly recommend eBook Partnership – they’re quick, efficient and help is only a phone call or email away.”

Christina Hollis is a bestselling author of romantic fiction including Lady RascalWeight of the Crown and The Count’s Prize.

How to Fulfil Tight Briefs by Lin SagovskyeBook Partnership has been a pleasure to deal with. Made the whole e-publication process a breeze for a technological ignoramus like me, and all with a personal touch which makes all the difference. I like the ongoing support too, by way of some Jolly Good Advice in my inbox. Have already recommended them to one friend who feels daunted at the prospect of the whole ebook shebang, and would certainly do so to anyone else in the same boat. If that’s not a mixed metaphor.”

Lin Sagovsky, author of How to Fulfil Tight and Demanding Briefs – 101 Ways to Make Ballsups in Business.

Fifties Mystique by Jessica MannExcellent eBook Partnership. I’m now on my fifth book with The Partnership and highly recommend them. They are quick, accurate and forbearing of clients’ occasional idiocy. They have done very well by me as the eBooks show – see Telling Only Lies, A Private Inquiry and others.”

Jessica Mann bestselling author of books including Out of Harm’s Way: The Wartime Evacuation of Children from BritainFifties Mystique, and many more.

How to Get and Keep Sponsorship by Scott ZagarinoWe use a lot of vendors and services. In general eBook Partnership, and specifically you Matt, have made this one of the most professional and well managed projects I’ve ever enjoyed.”
Scott Zagarino 
Breast Cancer CareThank you once again for the amazing practical assistance and mentorship you’ve provided to Breast Cancer Care over the past several months, helping us to launch our e-book range and producing for us the beautiful read-aloud version of Mummy’s Lump. We’ve very much enjoyed working with you and we’ve all learnt a lot that we will now be able to take forward to keep increasing our portfolio of free eBooks.”
Julia Bell, Breast Cancer Care
Celebrating Grandmothers by Ann RichardsonFrom the first moment I spoke to Diana on the phone about publishing my book, I felt I was in good hands. She was that perfect mixture of personal and friendly but also professional. I have not been disappointed at any time since. Every minor hiccup was responded to very quickly and they really do get the book out quickly. My book is also being self-published by another company in print form and she always made it easy for me to deal with both of them. I would strongly recommend eBook Partnership for self-publishing eBooks.”

Ann Richardson, author of Celebrating Grandmothers: grandmothers talk about their lives.

‏Great working with you on @CosmopolitanUK eBooks and look forward to doing many many more.”
Emma Dally

I self publish now, it’s fabulous (but hard work). I use a company called @ebookpartners who are awesome! Check them out.”
Dougie Brimson 

I would like to thank you both for your prompt and efficient service that you have provided me since I first made contact with you. I can only speak highly of your professionalism and the way in which you have communicated with me has left an lasting impression.”
Kevin Thomas, author of Shadows in an African Twilight
Fast, efficient and friendly service – true professionals! Matt and the team have been a lifeline, allowing us to spend our time doing what we do best – writing! Simple and cost-effective way to have your books converted. I would recommend the eBook Partnership to all authors. We will be using them for all our future publications.”
Saffina Desforges, author of the international bestseller Sugar and Spice.
I wasn’t about to trust just anybody with my debut novel’s eBook release. So after months of research I finally went with eBook Partnership. They turned my manuscript into a professional eBook that rivals anything on the market. I love the results – my book looks amazing!”
Lee Chambers, author of The Pineville Heist.
eBook Partnership is just that – a partnership. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about their work, manners, or ability (and willingness) to help navigate you through eBook conversion.”
Sue Glader, author of the award-winning Nowhere Hair.
eBook Partnership are superstars… the best service I have ever employed on-line.
Charlotte Hamilton, author of Fitface.
I cannot praise enough the excellent work that eBook Partnership produced in scanning my novels.  Having experienced poor results from another company, the care and accuracy of their work was a revelation.  I highly recommend them to anyone who needs this service.”
Ian Kennedy-Martin, novelist and creator of The Sweeney and other TV series.
It would have taken me twice as long to publish and market my eBook without the brilliant service and expertise of Matt and his colleagues at eBook Partnership.”
Stephen Warcop, author of The Gospel Truth.
I would totally recommend eBook Partnership – they are hassle free, fast and effective.”
Paul A. Rice, author of Hunters – a Trilogy.